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Let’s read in English !

vendredi 22 décembre 2017 par Mrs BASSENE (English)

Trois élèves bilingues ont participé à un atelier d’écriture et trois histoires ont été crées. Le thème imposé est "Ussie" (= a group selfie).
Bonne lecture !!

Story 1, by Keziah

We were all there ! All of us ! Together ! Shook her head as if to clear the memory, but it is hard forget something that has helped shape your life.
The bell rang. She got up. She walked past the teacher yelling homework at her and made her way to the next classroom. No one shouted a greeting at her, no one gave her a high five, but she was used to all that.
In the next class the teacher droned on and on about triangles and shapes . She tried to keep her mind on her work but all she could think about was how they had met, how they had had so much fun together and how all that had changed. Her mind began to drift back to six months before ; it had been a sunny day.
“Chloe ! Honey, you need to hurry up or you’re going to be late for school.”
Chloe reluctantly pulled herself away from the book she was reading and hurried down stairs. She grabbed her backpack, kissed her mom goodbye and hurried to the bus stop as the bus was pulling to a stop.
The only place was at the back beside a tall thin boy who was plating on his phone. She sat down and stared out the window at the cars and trees whizzing past.
“Hi, my name is Kaden.”She looked up to see the boy smiling at her.
“I’m Chloe.” She said, nervously twisting her hair.
“Are you new ?” He asked still smiling.
“Yay, this is my first day.”
“Cool !” His smile made her feel a little less lonely.
The day passed in a blur of introductions, work and Kaden showing her where to go. As in turned out she was not the only new person, there was another new girl called Jessica ho wore really big classes and who was obviously really smart. As the days flew by the three of them got on really well together. The first time Chloe invited Jessica back to her house she was really nervous however Jessica put her right at ease by saying how cool she thought Chloe’s room was.
“Ok, so we have these words to look up and not a lot of time to do it.”
“I thought I came over to hang out with you, not to do homework !” Jessica protested.
“We will right after we find the definitions of these words : selfie, ussie, biodiversity, extravagant and so on and so forth.”
“What does this have to do with our English homework I would like to know ?” Jessica wondered as she looked at the list of words Chloe had in her hands.
“What I would like to know is what the word ‘’ussie’’ means, is it actually a real word ?”
“I think so, Jessica answered, I think it means a group selfie”
The memory faded as Chloe was brought back to earth by the sharp voice of her teacher.
“That is the third time I have asked you the same thing, what is the area of his triangle ?”
Chloe quickly looked at the work on the board and was able to give the right answer, satisfied the teacher left her alone.
Immediately her thoughts returned to Kaden and Jessica. How they were such good friends, it wasn’t that she had a crush on Kaden as many people thought, they were just really good friends.
Then she remembers how they had gone for ice creams, gone to the park and so many fun things together.
Then a memory she had tried to forget filled her head so that she could not escape it, the day of that fateful ussie. That was the day they had gone into Paris.
They all got up early so they could get the first train into Paris, as they waited in the line to go up the Eiffel tower they played “I spy with my little eye” and other silly games to pass the time. When they finally go to the second floor they were all amazed at the view of Paris and how they could see for miles. Kaden wanted to take a group selfie so Jessica went on one side and Chloe went on his other side. It looked like they were floating in the middle of the Eiffel tower.
That was the last happy thing that happened that day, as they were crossing a road in front of the Eiffel tower there was a car, it came so fast that Kaden didn’t have time to jump out of the way, all Chloe could remember was the squeal of tires and the siren of the ambulance. Jessica told her later that she had stood as still as stone as they took him to hospital and that she had had to lead her to the taxi that was taking them home.
The first time she was allowed to see Kaden she wanted to throw her arms around him, but when she actually saw him all the fear and the tears she had wanted to shed for almost a week came spilling out. Kaden gave her his arm that wasn’t in a sling and she told him all about school and what she had been doing. The truth was that she had hardly said a word since the accident. Her mother said she had been like a ghost .
Every chance she got she went to see Kaden, then one day as she was talking to him he told her that his right arm was semi paralyzed , the doctors weren’t sure if therapy could help him or not.
“I’m not sure if I can do this, what if it’s all for nothing ?” Kaden looked up at her and she could see the worry in his eyes.
After that she went with him to every single one of his appointments . She was always there to support and encourage him when he was in pain or when there seemed little hope.
It was three months later and Kaden was going thought a hard time, there had been little progress in the last couple of weeks and the doctors had little hope. It was then that he needed Chloe the most.
Then Chloe’s mom’s job moved her to a new location, Chloe was heartbroken, they where now on the other side of the country and just when Kaden needed her most. She tried to keep contact with Jessica but after the accident she had blasted off with a new group of friends. She texted and emailed Kaden as much as she could but she rarely got a response. At her new school she tried to get along with the other kids but they already had their friends and didn’t want a new one. In the middle of the year some kids started to tease and bully her so in the end she had to move schools again. It was the same thing, no one wanted to be her friend so she was left to all her work alone. When there was a group project she was forced to work with a group who she knew didn’t want her.
That brings us to where we were at the beginning of our story. At the end of the day when she got home Chloe looked to see if there was a text from Jessica or Kaden. There wasn’t. She sighed as she sent them a text saying that she missed them and that she hoped they would send her a text soon.
The next day as she was playing basketball she managed to slip, fall and sprain her ankle. She was in the hospital in a ward with several other people. She watched as they had people come see them and give them gifts.
“Bet no one will come and see me.” She thought bitterly .
She thought of all those times when she had been there for Kaden and Jessica, how she had visited Kaden in hospital every chance she could. Why was it that she was so loyal to them and now that she needed them they abandoned her ? She began to cry, for all the times she had worked alone, she had been invisible and because all she wanted was her friends.
She looked up to see Kaden standing at the door of her ward , she leaped out of bed a hugged him as if she would never let him go. Then looking over his shoulder she saw Jessica standing further away as if she couldn’t bear to look Chloe in the eyes. When she did however, all she saw was love and forgiveness .
So now we will leave them, there may be troubles ahead but they have each other. That’s all that matters. Right ?

Story 2, by Julia

If you ever happen to enter my bedroom, be sure to look on the pin board by my bed. There, you would notice, in the centre, a small photograph. In the middle is me, holding a selfie stick, smiling widely. On my left stands a short brunette named Johanna, with freckles and huge brown eyes. On my right, two boys are linking arms. One, Justin, is bony with messy blond hair and lopsided glasses. The other, Joseph, is chubby and shy looking. All of us were grinning heartily, filled with the powerful fire of joy and friendship. But it hadn’t always been like that. Once, things were different, so completely different. Each one of us has a story to tell, each one of us has his own stinging and deep wound that doesn’t need much to reopen. That is what we have in common and what brought us together. It all started during middle-school, where we are all insecure and playing a role, thus cruel to those who have the courage to be themselves.
Let’s start with Joseph. Kind, timid Joseph. Like I said before, he wasn’t the slimmest boy in our school. Whenever he was in hearing range, harsh insults burst out. To his credit, I can say that he never cried in public, he only looked a bit nauseous and held his head lower and lower at each humiliation. What no one knew was that he was bulimic. It had begun at his grandmother’s death. He had always been very close to her, and her death struck him like nothing ever had. All he would have needed was a kind ear and open arms to cry in to maybe finally get over it, but his family never saw his need of affection, nor did the few friends he had. This is when he became anxious about everything and started to stress-eat. It was a vicious circle. The more he ate, the fatter he grew and the more insults he got, so he ate even more to comfort himself. He was trapped and he knew it, but couldn’t help it. And so, he spent countless nights chocked by his tears, looking through blurry eyes at the stars and making endless wishes to be freed of all this.
Justin had always been a fragile boy, with long skinny arms, thick glasses and an angular face, but things seemed to have gotten worse since a few years. His grades were in freefall, he had dark circles that never faded around his eyes and often slept in class. With his frail body and teary eyes, he was the best punching bag the other broad and brutal boys could find. And so, almost every day, they found a way of beating him up in the halls, laughing at his flimsy attempts at pushing away. If they had known what he did every night after school, they certainly would have felt ashamed. Justin had never known his mother and his father was a severe alcoholic and unemployed , who spent most of his days sleeping off the liquors of the previous evening. Justin hated him as much as is humanly possible. But he was his dad, and they both needed to eat. When he came home from school, he had no time for homework or revisions. At the age of fifteen, he had found a small job as a baker aid in a small shop of his neighbourhood : the owner knew him well and had decided to give him a chance to earn some money. During the greatest part of the night, before going to work at four in the morning, he read. It was one of his only pleasures, and even though he was exhausted, he managed to read a few chapters. Without reading, he would probably have committed suicide, he once told me. But in his books, he found a glimmer of hope : when the darkness seemed impossible to break, the characters were always saved by the dawn . But still, as he told himself repeatedly, he would have given anything to exchange his life with one of his bullies .
Johanna…Johanna’s untold pain was much different from the others, although as striking as theirs. She was on the other side of the looking glass, because she was herself a bully. As she confessed once, she was even among Joseph’s crowd of tormentors. Why do I mention her here then, would you ask me ? Simply because her heart was as broken as the boys’. Her sadness was so profound that she felt the need to hide behind a mask of harshness, for fear of otherwise crumbling in tears in front of her classmates. It had been hard to admit, but she finally realized that seeing others in pain helped her evacuate her own sadness, as if they were revealing in her place the feelings that ripped her apart and that she forbade herself to show. She had no real friends. The only thing that interested her was to see others suffer like she did, and even though some of her followers didn’t hesitate to do the same things as her, they were getting tired and a little ashamed of it all. When she went home, she would look at herself in the mirror of her bedroom. She watched as her severe features slowly melted to reveal only a small weeping girl. Then, she would walk to the other end of the hall and sit down in front of her little sister’s room. Her precious sister who was fighting against cancer and losing her strength a bit more every day ; her beloved little flower that was going to die… At the funeral, she felt nothing but anger at everything, everyone ; a fiery anger to mask her even more burning sorrow . She became crueller and crueller after this, as if to avenge her sister’s death. She hated herself for it, and began to scarify herself. The pain was expiation for hurting the others, but the hatred she felt for herself wasn’t fading.
We all met during a camp organized by the school. It had been organized to “give the students an opportunity to get to know each other better and establish friendships and solidarity”, as it was written on the flyer. Even though very little pupils were actually enthusiastic about it, it turned out to be the greatest idea the school had ever had : it was going to change our lives forever. The trip was compulsory and the school was in charge of all expenses. It was to last one night. We were grouped by class and when the time came we obediently carried the tents and food to a near hill by the town. When we had finished settling, the stars were beginning to appear like tiny white dots on the velvety black cloth of the sky. Under the adults supervising, we built many little bonfires . Then, they divided us in little groups of four, choosing randomly four names from different classes. By what mysterious coincidence did we end up together, Joseph, Justin, Johanna and I, I don’t know. I like to think that it was just meant to be. Johanna was frowning disdainfully and sat farer from the fire, so that we couldn’t see her face in the shadows. Joseph was blushing and so nervous that he didn’t dare look at us in the eye. Justin was calmer, but also a little uneasy. I was also anxious but peering at them curiously. While roasting marshmallows in a deadly silence, we could hear the other groups shouting and laughing. Why, I thought, why aren’t we like the others ? I took a deep breath and decided to engage the conversation.
“So, what are your names again ?” Maybe not the most intelligent way to start, but it was sufficient. Joseph and Justin visibly relaxed, relieved that I apparently wasn’t going to mock them.
“Joseph/Justin” They answered at the same time and glanced at each other, smiling shyly. I had the strange impression of trying to pet wild and fearful creatures, and I suddenly understood that these people were like me. They too had suffered and needed to talk to someone like I did. I decided that it was up to me to begin.
“How was your week ?” By the way they unconsciously lowered their heads, I knew I had been right about them. “Well, mine was about as horrible as a week can be.”
Timidly and then with more assurance as they listened in astonishment , I told them my story. Suddenly, I began to sob . I couldn’t control it, it had to get out. And right away, without a second thought, Justin and Joseph were by my side, comforting me as well as they could. When I calmed down, I heard a little sob echo mine. The boys looked up too and we saw Johanna, who had inched her way closer to listen to me, crying on the floor. Our masks had been torn away. The rest of the night went way too fast. We talked and talked a long time after the other groups had gone to sleep. We had so much to tell, so many things to get out. It seemed outrageously easy to share with these people the stories that we had so carefully buried inside us. When the dawn came, we went silent as we watched the sun rise and erase the darkness. At this very moment, we felt invincible. Nothing would ever hurt us anymore. The power of friendship is often underrated , but we knew that as long as we had each other, everything would be well. Joseph had found a kind ear to talk to, Justin got a radiant new dawn like in his books and Johanna finally expressed what she felt. I took a picture of all of us a few days later, the picture you can see in my bedroom. The joy and love we had felt hasn’t faded and is still there today.
What are you saying ? You want to know my own story ? Well, all I can tell you is that everyone in this world will feel pain at some point in their lives. Think about it next time you are about to mock someone because when it happens to you, who will be there for you ? In these difficult times, I hope you find friends as faithful and understanding as mine.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”
Ian Maclaren

Story 3, by Clara

“I’m so happy you and David are dating,” said I with such enthusiasm. “It’s nice seeing my two best friends joyful.”
“I know, right ? I’m happy as well. I missed him so much. The U.S without you guys isn’t fun. Angelina ? Are you listening to what I’m telling you ?”
“Excuse me, I was caught in my thoughts. What did say ?”
The minute I said that, David had walked inside the room with two hot chocolate drinks :
“Here’s one cappuccino for my beautiful, wonderful Jessica.”
Since my best friend Jessica had come back from Los Angeles, David and I hadn’t spent much time together and it got worse when they started dating.
“Where is my cappuccino ? I thought you were also going to get me one.”
“Really ? I didn’t know that you wanted one. I can as well go back to the cafeteria and buy you one.”
“It’s fine, I’ll just find some water from the snack bar later.”
“This is an amazing university, there are so many activities and free spaces.”
“I had finally decided to get home and left my two best friends alone. I was quite frustrated about my friendship with David. I was walking on the streets where I suddenly found a picture laying on the floor. Once my curiosity took over me, I took a look at it. I then realized that it was a photo of David, Jessica and I. I had turned back and had seen them walking out of the university’s front door. That’s when I had run to them to show them.
“Oh lord ! When was this ?”
“I think it was before you left Vancouver, Jessica. Wasn’t it at Katy’s party ?”
“It was ! We had taken the polaroid she had in the library and took an ussie.”
“Uhm, guys, who is the man behind ? I don’t remember having him join the picture.”
“He might have been at the party, or not. He doesn’t exactly look invited.
The man was shown at the back of the picture. I honestly do not remember seeing him.
“Girls, I have to go now, my grandmother is waiting.”
When I saw the two of them giving each other hugs, I just wanted to throw up.
After he had left us in the middle of the street surrounded by young students, Jessica suggested to go to her house so we could catch up all the time we had missed together.

“Did I tell you that I got a new dog ?” she said.
“You did, about five times this morning.”
“Sorry, I’m so excited about it. Let’s change subject. Don’t you find the man on the picture quite strange ?”
“I do, but it could as well just be an illusion.”
“Well, illusion or not, I find him quite handsome.”
“You don’t even know the man ; you’ve never seen him.”
I shouldn’t speak fast. Technically, if I had just found a way to make Jessica fall in love with him and find him, it would be a way to re-connect with David. No Angelina, I can’t do that.
“Tell me Jessica, if you, let’s say, meet this guy, could there be any relationship with you ?”
“Absolutely ! Have you seen him ?” she said. “How are we going to find him ?”
“We could go back to Katy’s place and try to take the same picture again”
As strange as that sounded, we had done it. Katy seemed quite surprised when he knocked at her door, so as an excuse, we had told her that we once found a book that could help us with a project ; which she fell for.
“Let’s find the polaroid before Katy comes with the drinks.”
“Over here”, Jessica said whispering. “There’s even a book beside it. It has a picture of the polaroid.”
“What does it say ?”
“If you want to find me ; take use me”
“Use me ! Let’s take an ussie !”
Flash !
“Did you miss me ?”
“Hey, I’m Jessica.”
I had turned back and had seen him.
“You don’t need to tell me much about yourself, I know you.”

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